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  • Getting rid of pet stain and odour removal

    pet stain odour removal - gardna carpet cleaning

    Pets, they can brighten up your day, but they can also a make it a real challenge for homeowners to keep their house clean, healthy and smelling fresh.If you need a quality pet stain odour removal service that you can depend on, Gardna Carpet Cleaning are it. Our cleaning crew has the knowledge and experience to tackle both pet stain and odour problems. Our cleaning solutions are non-toxic to you, your pets and your family.

    Pet urine can cause permanent staining on your carpet and upholstery when left unattended. Initially, urine has a slightly acidic state, which makes it easier to clean when fresh. Once it dries, it turns alkaline and becomes more difficult to remove. There are several techniques we use depending on and severity and how long the contamination has been present for.

    If left for days, weeks or months the urine can permanently change the dye structure, causing a bleaching effect, which results in permanent staining. In some cases the contamination can permeate into the backing of carpet and underlay, which requires more in depth cleaning and sometimes the replacement of underlay.

    If you are unsure as to what to do with any pet stain odour removal, call us for advise. It may just save you from creating a bigger job later.