• pet stains - gardna carpet cleaningHave you ever wondered why some people keep their carpets looking like they’ve just come out of the showroom, while with kids and a couple of pets, yours is a battle ground of grime, odors and spilled drinks…..

    Well it’s simple! They believe that prevention is better than cure. By making some simple changes you’ll not only save money from professional carpet cleaning bills, but your carpet will last much longer too.

    So here are 5 simple tips:

    1. No shoe rule: Self explanatory, this rule can make a huge difference! All you’ve got to do is enforce it and you’ll be surprised at how much cleaner your carpet remains.
    2. Avoid food: A little harder to enforce with small children, but make a stand as this is your carpets worst nightmare.
    3. Vacuum regularly: Unlike wooden or vinyl floors, you can’t see the dust particles that are built up in the fibers of your carpet. However, dust and food particles get crushed down into the fibers and act just like sandpaper when you walk on the carpet. As a result it can wear and break down the fibers within, causing the pile to become flat. We suggest vacuuming once or twice a week, depending on your environment.
    4. Treat spills immediately: Depending on what it split, the time its left in the carpet can cause difficulty in removal. If allowed to penetrate it can leave a sticky residue that acts like a magnet to dust and dirt particles and before you know it you have an ugly dark stain. See our stain removal tips.
    5. Have your carpets professionally cleaned: To keep your carpet in good condition you should have it cleaned at least once a year, depending on your environment. This will help extend the life of one of your biggest assets.

    Wow, I had no idea that vacuuming more than once a week would help my carpets. My wife and I are busy people and will have a day that we clean the house. I guess we will have to start vacuuming more to impress her. Thanks for the tips.


    Thanks for the tips. Looks simple but still effective)


    I'm getting new carpet put in my house. Thanks for the advice about having a no shoe rule to protect your carpet from things being tracked in. Hopefully, I can get a nice carpet that will not show stains too bad and that is easy to clean.