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  • Sickness Prevention

    September 10, 2019
    Sickness Prevention

    If sickness has been through your home or workplace, you will have stuck to a basic cleaning regime. There is another element to add to your arsenal in the fight against spreading germs. Carpet and rugs are very effective air filters for your environment, trapping dirt and germs, preventing [...]

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    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Commercial or residential, all tiled flooring needs cleaning. It looks great until the porous grout turns a different colour, or the whole tile itself is embedded with dirt and grime, which is usually the result of residual chemical left behind from mopping, that it just won't budge! Thats where our[...]

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    What to do before our technician arrives

    Your satisfaction on the completion of the job is our top priority. Taking these pro-active steps ensures everything runs smoothly and you can discuss with our technician any finer points, so that you are both aware of the expected outcome of the clean. Free up a parking spot As we use truck [...]

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    Lets hear it for your carpet!

    Have you thanked your carpet lately? Yes really appreciated it for what it does? Your carpet can take a battering, but does it complain? No. It just goes about doing what it does best, being a great insulator, absorbing sound waves and diminishing echoes, acting as a cushion against sound transfer [...]

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    How often should I clean my carpet?

    One of the most common questions we get asked is 'how often should I clean my carpet'? There are several things to consider when wondering how often you should have your carpet professionally cleaned. Your environment plays a big part in this. To get the most out of your carpet, you need to look [...]

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    What is the most efficient, effective carpet cleaning method?

    Basically, carpet cleaning methods can be placed in one of two categories: Wet or Dry Cleaning. Wet cleaning involves using cleaning solution and  hot water extraction. Dry cleaning involves the use of chemicals applied by a rotating pad or brush. Lets take a closer look at these two methods: [...]

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