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  • Nail Polish Spills

    November 4, 2013
    Nail Polish Spills

    If you need to just blot carefully with absorbent paper, being careful not to push it further into the carpet. DO NOT USE NAIL POLISH REMOVER: All this does is thin the nail polish down, which will then be absorbed so deep into the fibre, we may not be able to remove it. Call us! We [...]

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    Removal of Furniture Indentations

    To remove furniture indentations from carpet, pour enough hot water to fill the indentation, leave 30 seconds then place a folded towel on top and stand on it to soak up most of the water. Leave to dry. Deeper indentations may need a second treatment. Note: Synthetic carpets do not respond as [...]

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    Lily Pollen Staining

    LILY POLLEN: Lily pollen from stamens of lilies can be a real problem and cause disastrous results. Most importantly DO NOT PUT WATER ON IT. Instead, smother the pollen with talcum/baby powder, leave for a few days and vacuum off. The pollen will absorb into the powder. To avoid the chance of [...]

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